The Spear of Destiny – The Journey Begins

09 Dec

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A must read epic adventure filled with sorcerers spells, dreams, and visions; about a man who was chosen to wield the spear of destiny!

            “Timely and inspiring. A story that screams for a big screen adaptation. Bravo!”    Joe Majestic Film Producer/Hurricane Film Partners

           “Dianne has pulled out a story within a story. The characters come to life! I love it and give it a ten!”   Douglas T. Green, Director 

            “An epic adventure of faith and redemption!”  Michael Saleman, Entertainment and Film Attorney

The book “The Spear of Destiny” is an action adventure of what might have taken place in the life of the Centurion named Longinus to bring renown fame to a simple Roman hasta.

Longinus’s quest for truth, leads him on an epic journey full of flashbacks, visions, sorcerer’s spells, and dreams.  From the onset, the story is a compelling saga of a man whose journey is a continuous battle between the unseen realm of good, verses evil. Filled with pages of emotionally charged, action packed narrow escapes.

Throughout the story, a demonic sorcerer known as the “Apprentice” entices many men to pursue the spear, so he can use them to wield it for his own evil devices.

The book portrays what might have happened in the lives of Mary Magdalene and other disciples of that time, taking a bold look into the lives of the very first followers of the way. The contrast between the first followers verses the motivations of the tyrannical men who sought the power of the spear for their own desires are dramatic.

The story lends imaginative answers as to how the reputation surrounding the spear’s legendary mystery may have actually started. The missing years creatively burst forth in a fast moving, action filled adventure that is both thought provoking and compelling.

The characters come to life as each one’s fate unfolds, full of emotionally charged, action-packed twists and turns as the forces of good and evil work their intrigue to bring the man Longinus to his knowledge of truth.  A truth that leads him to understand principalities and powers, free will, and how to serve a master other than Rome.

If your curiosity is peaked to read an action adventure story based on historical facts and enamored with what might have been, I know you will love this compelling saga “The Spear of Destiny“.

Travel back in time and enjoy the journey!


Available in Digital Download!


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3 responses to “The Spear of Destiny – The Journey Begins

  1. Libertyvibe

    April 28, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    Interesting! Several years back, I was on a quest of understanding. It led me to the obvious: Communism vs. Fascism, then to a deeper understanding of International Socialism vs. National Socialism. Being a bible believing Christian, I know that all if these things are spirit driven. So I started researching the spiritual roots of both of these movements. I found out that at the core, each have their own grail object attached to their mythology. I read Ravenscroft’s Spear of destiny book (super dark, yuck). Also JR Church’s guardians of the grail. So fascinating! The Gnostic grail cup is much easier to research, and how it lines up with the International Socialist narrative. So when I saw your book,it caught my eye. I have never met anyone who has picked up on this before. Also, your discernment on Trump, the fact that you throw things at your TV, and the fact that I think you are a little kooky, leads me to believe that I have found a kindred spirit.

  2. homerbuford

    September 25, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    I did extensive research in Germany. I sense your book was a Labour of love. Very little of what is thought today was thought at the time I was in Europe. I will leave it at that.
    SSG Barry Sadler, Ballad of the Green Berets, 1966 was “destined” against “Paint it Black”,Mick Jagger, that same year. The Jungles of Cambodia were alive with top secret activities conducted by ‘Disneyland’ ( Pentagon) many MIAs were not ‘missing’ they were disavowed. What they saw came to the silent attention of Barry Sadler, who would later write a series of books CASCA:THE ETERNAL MERCERNARY, based on his character, Casca Longinus, a Roman soldier cursed by Christ to roam the earth until the second coming.
    Barry Sadler embedded clues in his books that would come to fruition and cost him his life.
    The destined author and singer of “The Ballad of the Green Berets” has a story so drenched and entrenched in Destiny that few men out side of the SPECIAL FORCES INSIDE THE SPECIAL FORCES,Could scarce ( Scare) believe. In the slang of the SF of Vietnam, Barry claimed to have written that song “in a Mexican brothel” who gave that any thought?
    The cryptic “Mexican brothel” should have joined ranks with ” Russian Roulette”, ” Chinese Fire drill” and “Polish ladder” but it sank out of sight. Barry Sadler was shot in the frontal lobe in Guatemala in 1988. The assassin knew that Barry was under devine protection, but a jungle predator of Naga, a sorcerer had told the assassin how.. and more importantly.. when to do it. The job was botched and SOLDIER OF FORTUNE magazine soldiers flew Barry to Nashville Tennessee, to Vanderbilt.
    Special Forces extracted the endangered Barry from the dark powers trying to kill him and so much more could be told, but suffice it to say that God has placed some destiny in your path, Diane, and what happened Nov.5, 1989…( death of Barry Sadler) would wrench your guts out!

    In my blog,I have reposted the story by Daniel Sion, PRISONERS OF NAGA, ( memoirs of Mars)
    Read it!
    Beg Herr Sion to publish more of the story how much does he know about the Sword?
    Ask him who Jesse O is, Danny, Sgt Bradshine, Col. Leo “Socrates” Guelph ( MIA) and who John Ray Williams is.

  3. 7777maha

    April 22, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    Great Job Dianne! Thk You For This Much Luv To You .


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