The Spear of Destiny – One Man Was Chosen. Make no mistake, his destiny awaits!

An epic adventure filled with sorcerers spells, dreams, and visions; about a man who was chosen to wield the spear of destiny!

A Centurion whose only loyalty was to defend Rome, is suddenly faced with a life altering event.  He must now learn how to fight for the innocent and defend their freedom. His destiny awaits.

Book Excerpt-spear of destiny2


In the year AD 33, early Imperial Rome was at its height as the most powerful empire on earth. Its emperor held supreme power. Legions of men with the strength of iron followed the commands of their officers, living and breathing for the cause of Rome. Meanwhile, a man named Jesus began to attract a following in the Roman province of Judea.

There was a plot by the Jewish Sanhedrin to kill the man named Jesus. He was arrested, tried by Roman Council, and condemned to death by the people of the Temple for claiming to be the Son of God. Roman execution by crucifixion was his sentence.

One centurion’s life would change forever. Whether he was chosen or appointed to spear the side of a condemned Nazarene, it did not matter. His destiny was certain, and his fate was sealed.

As long as he was in possession of the spear, death would not touch him, and hell could not touch the spear, for the blood of Jesus had overcome all darkness.


At the time of Jesus of Nazareth, Antonia Fortress was a massive military fortress originally built by King Herod the Great to guard the Great Temple situated on the north side of Jerusalem between the temple and the moat. Now, the mighty fortress palace was filled with Roman soldiers guarding Jerusalem. It was the garrison and headquarters of the Tenth Roman Legion. The high towers of massive stone now loomed over the city as an ominous sign of Imperial Rome’s dominance that signaled their mastery over all of Judea, let alone Jerusalem. But for Longinus, whose only home was allegiance to Rome, it was merely a place to bed.


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