The Spear of Destiny – The Journey Begins

Myth, Legend or Fact?

Througspear of destinyfinal photo cover9781629021430largehout the ages, kings and men seeking power have sought to find and possess the spear that pierced the side of Christ. Why? 

By Dianne Marshall

According to legend, he who holds the spear will hold the power to control the destiny of the world for either good or evil purposes.

In my quest to find why men believed this spear held a power so great, it became clear that there was no actual documentation leading up to the historic hunt that continues to  this very day. Given to reason one must acknowledge that some chain of events must have taken place at the time of the centurion who originally possessed it in order for kings and Roman Caesars to covet it so. What took place at the time of Longinus the centurion to give the spear its magical illusion?

The book “The Spear of Destiny” is an action adventure of what might have taken place in the life of the Centurion named Longinus to bring renown fame to a simple Roman hasta.  Throughout the story, a demonic sorcerer known as the “Apprentice” entices many men to pursue the spear, so he can use them to wield it for his own evil devices.

Longinus’s quest for truth, leads him on an epic journey full of flashbacks, visions, sorcerer’s spells, and dreams.  From the onset, the story is a compelling saga of a man whose journey is a continuous battle between the unseen realm of good, verses evil. Filled with pages of emotionally charged, action packed narrow escapes.

 It portrays what might have happened in the lives of Mary Magdalene and other disciples of that time, taking a bold look into the lives of the very first followers of the way. The contrast between the first followers verses the motivations of the tyrannical men who sought the power of the spear for their own desires are dramatic.

The story lends imaginative answers as to how the reputation surrounding the spear’s mystery may have actually started.  That blank slate of time is creatively filled in with a fast moving, action filled adventure that is both thought provoking and compelling! 

If your curiosity is peaked to read a story based on historical facts and enamored with what might have been, I know you will love this compelling saga “The Spear of Destiny“.

The characters come to life as each one’s fate unfolds, full of emotionally charged, action-packed twists and turns as the forces of good and evil work their intrigue to bring the man Longinus to his knowledge of truth.  A truth that leads him to understand principalities and powers, free will, and how to serve a master other than Rome.

It is my hope that the reader will travel back in time and enjoy the journey as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it. The journey begins!


Available in Digital Download!

WHAT HAVE YOU DISCOVERED?  If you have researched Longinus and the Spear of Destiny, I invite you to share your discoveries and thoughts.  Even if you haven’t researched please comment on how you think the spear of Longinus acquired it’s reputation and surrounding myths.



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